A week of firsts

Hello again,
I thought I would write about the new things I have done this week, they are things I have not done in Spain before.
I have just come back from getting a haircut. It was my first visit to the hairdressers since being in Spain. To be honest, I was very scared because I like my hair and did not want to end up bald. Luckily I had researched what to tell the woman, I wanted a trim and some layers put in. It was very similar to an English hair salon. I sat down and they washed my hair, it was very relaxing, the shampoo smelt amazing and I nearly fell asleep. Then it was time for my hair cut. The lady was very friendly and we spoke all about London. She kept checking I was happy with the cut and then dried it to finish. I felt like a goddess walking home and MY HAIR FEELS ALIVE AGAIN… even if it is a little shorter.
This week I have also joined a gym. It was very difficult to pick what membership I wanted. I finally decided on the exercise classes with use of the swimming pool and spa! The woman on reception was very friendly and recommended classes to us and helped me take a semi-good photo for my membership card. The most difficult decision was what colour swimming hat I wanted :P. I did body combat in the Plaza nueva on Friday (some of you said hello to me) and I loved it. I have been to 2 classes at the gym this week and it is my favorite class. If you do not know what it is; it is martial arts to music with lots of kicks and punches in the air, do not worry, I have not injured anybody 😛 I have also tried zumba, step and aerostyle classes. I look forward to trying more and keeping fit.
The third and final new thing from this week is that mysterious Via Verde that everyone talks about. I FINALLY FOUND IT!! it was a happy day 🙂 I went to the via verde with 2 other language assistants and an au pair. We walked from Lucena to Cabra and it was beautiful. The views of the hills were pretty and I loved the old railway bridges. We had some photoshoots along the way and took in the scenery. The weather was very good, I even had to apply sun cream. When we arrived in Cabra we find a restaurant to eat some tapas. We ate Flamenquín, calamares, pork in a pepper sauce and salmorejo. The best bit was desert as I had a cheesecake. We then went to Lidl and I bought 2 christmas candles and some cookies. We then caught the bus home and arrived back in Lucena. However, I do miss the English countryside walks near my house. I miss the green grass, the autumnal vibe with leaves falling and I miss the river.
This has been a week of firsts, and I am finally starting to slowly settle into life here.
thank you for reading,
Dellisia (lissy) xx

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Firework *cue the Katy Perry song*

Hello everyone,

and so here is my first blog entry and what better to talk about than a special celebration in the United Kingdom (afterall, I am the first assistant from the UK) It is called Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night, and was celebrated on the 5th November.



Bonfire night is a special celebration in the UK that happens every year on the 5th November. If you like History…Read on! It is the day that King James escaped his death in the houses of parliament. Therefore, we celebrate the failiure of the Guy Fawkes plot on November 5th 1605. In November 1605 a group of men decided to make a plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London.The plot is known as the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ and the leader of the plot was called Guy Fawkes. The plot was made as the men were angry about the way the Catholic people were being treated in England. The men thought of a plan and decided to put 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellar of Houses of Parliament
and then waited for the King to open Parliament, and blow it up. Guy Fawkes was the man who was going to light thegunpowder and cause the explosion. However, guards found the gunpowder before it  exploded and they caught all the men involved in the plot. They were caught because of a letter that was sent to friend who was a member of parliament warning him to avoid parliament that day because of the plot. The men involved were tortured and killed by being hung, drawn and quartered.



Every year the people of the UK celebrate the survival of the Houses of Parliament and King James. In the early years, church bells rang every 5th November, but it has developed into a  big celebration. All over Britain there are firework displays with friend and families and light bonfires with models of Guy Fawkes which are burned on the fire. It’s normally quite cold on Bonfire Night so people wear warmclothes, hats, scarves and gloves to spend the evening outside. Traditional Bonfire Night food is jacket potatoes and toffee apples. Normally my family and I buy fireworks and sparklers for our garden, and also light a fire. We put sausages and jacket potatoes in the fire to eat and also toast marshmallows. At university, I go to a firework display with my friends and drink mulled wine.


I have really missed Bonfire night this year, it was sad seeing everyone in England with fireworks on their snapchat and instagrams. But maybe next year! Luckily, i had the dia de los santos to make up for it… even if i do not understand what it is?

What other exciting traditions do you have here? or celebrations?



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I would like to welcome our new language assistant this year Dellisia Harrop from England.  We will soon learn a lot of things about her.

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This entry is a good chance to write something nice to Roselle and express your feelings. Please leave a comment

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Please have a look at this fun video entry.  Our talented student Cristo wants to become a YouTuber.  Can you help him and leave comments with suggestions to improve? Nice and encouraging words are also welcome!!

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CHANGE THE  WORDS IN BLUE (at least) and get ready for your oral presentation.
Hi, I am Anna.
In the mornings, I get up at 7:30 and I have a shower; then, I have breakfast. At 8:15, I go to school. I usually go to class from 8:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon. After my lunch I always do my homework, but I never watch TV.
There are many after-school activities that I enjoy. I love playing tennis. I usually play tennis twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:30 to 7:30. I also play table tennis with my friends. I also like listening to music very much. I listen to my favourite songs in the evenings and I often download songs from the Internet.
You can download this here: 1oeso_unit3_presentation

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